Nova generacija, youth of Slovenian Peoples Party is a non-governmenthal youth organization that brings togheter young people aged between 15 and 33 years all over Slovenia.

It was formed on 1 July 2000 by the merger of the Young SLS and the Young Christian Democrats.

Nova generacija SLS combines youth with similar thoughts, develop the cultural, social, public and political life of young people, it trains and teach youth, support new ideas and advocates policy positions on important public issues. NG SLS bid for the rights and interests of young people and wants to keep friendly countryside for young people, cares for international visibility and reputation of Slovenia, grown debate and freedom of thoughts, promotes a healthy lifestyle design on the values and positive identity of an individual. NG SLS is an autonomous, democratic, voluntary and independent youth organization, full and most active member of the Youth Council of Slovenia (MSS), which works with an aim to creating the political will to all areas of public life, to make policy initiatives, efforts for policy positions on important public issues and compete for the rights and interests of young people.

NG SLS is organizational divided on two level – state and local level. On state-level is further divided on Congress, leadership (composed of the President and three Vice Presidents), the main Board, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Committee and on the Secretary General and the International Secretary. At the local level is divided on regional committees and city or municipal committees.

At the international level, NG SLS is a full member of the Youth of the European Peoples Party - YEPP and the Democratic Youth - DEMYC.

Nova generacija SLS has in all previous years of operation became the most trusted and recognizable political youth in Slovenia with the most active membership and the greatest impact.